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September 27, 2022 1 min read

When you don’t need to prove your self-worth.


When you don’t need anyone to validate you.


When you don’t want anyone to approve of you.


When you value yourself with unshakable self-loyalty to your standard of propriety to self.


See yourself.


Accept yourself and actually accept yourself as in you literally 10/10 accept yourself and see yourself.


Seeing is unconditional.


I see you…is an unconditional act of pure unattached, non-needy, non-manipulative love.


I see you… when I look into your eyes.


I see you… when I feel your heart's innocence and the depth of your purity and beauty as a sacred and divine vessel, as a creature of earth and heaven…with ancestral undertones of endearment and wisdom.


You are the great wonder of the world.


You are as exquisite as a seedling that expands each day, even every hour of each day.


Simply because that is what you are.


A worthwhile essence…experience…energy…presence.


And feeling this truth deep within us is essential.


The transformative power of pure presence.


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Chiara Quebral
Chiara Quebral

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