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January 10, 2023 2 min read

When you love yourself, you are dangerous to the status quo.

You have energy to change the world and bring it back to balance and love.

This is because you are not wasting time or energy hating yourself. You are not wasting your time worrying about what others think of your brazen confidence, your unapologetic, raw creative and sexual power, your mesmerising intelligence, and ability to rule your world.

You do not have to apologise for existing.

You do not have to make yourself quieter, smaller, more ‘appropriate’, less visible or diminished.

You are sent to Earth to love with a fierce quality of compassion and wild, sacred intensity that has no roots in the ego.

This kind of Healing Love can only emanate from the Spirit.

It’s time to own your power, my darling.

You are here to change the world, and you do that by changing yourself first.

So come along on this journey as we open up your heart and release shame and fear.

You are going to be a force for good in this world, and I want to help you get there.

Who do you think you are?

Do you know? Have you taken time to consider your powerful and incredible self?
Do you believe in yourself?
Love yourself?
Admire yourself?
Use your talents and gifts, your sense of humour, your words, your ideas, opinions and wisdom?

Do you spread your divine light beyond the limits of the bathroom mirror, where it’s been cautious and fearful of being seen by the world for so long?

And—yes, you do know enough.

And—yes, you can see it to believe it.

And—no, they don't know more than you.

And—no, there's not always a drama with you.

And—no, you aren't nervous about yourself.

And—yes, you are good enough for this task.

And no matter what comes up from time to time—the fear, the nervousness—it's just your nervous system healing from years of not being treated as the brilliant soul that you are.

And the truth is that YOU have been the one shining all along.

You just haven't known it yet! But now is your chance to be the radiant light of love and brilliance that your soul always knew you were meant to be!

Chiara Quebral
Chiara Quebral

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