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August 16, 2022 3 min read

You're not doing this anymore.


You're done with the weight. You're done with the pain and the struggle and everything that's been holding you back.


Today, you are going to take back your power. Today, you are going to let go of everything that's been holding you back from being who you truly are. You are going to accept your true nature as a vessel of truth, and embrace it with every fiber of your being.


And then? You're going to walk away from all of it—the lies, the shame, the fear—and leave it behind forever.


Because today is the day that you start living your dreams in earnest. Today is the day that your life finally becomes what it was always meant to be: a magical adventure where anything is possible and nothing can hold you back… because nothing holds any power over YOU!


 It's time to finally be who you were always meant to be.


You've been hiding. You've been afraid of your own power, and now it's time to let that go.


I know what it's like to feel lost, to feel like you're not good enough, or that there's something wrong with you. But I also know what it's like to find freedom, beauty, and strength in being exactly who you are right now: a powerful being who is capable of doing incredible things.


Our weightless activation will help you shed all the weight that has been holding you back from your true potential—emotionally, physically, and spiritually.


As you let go of those old patterns and beliefs, your body will begin to vibrate at a higher frequency than ever before. You'll see yourself attracting clients and creating wealth by mastering energy flow in all areas of life—and giving back in a way that feels deeply fulfilling for YOU. 


You'll glow from within as a result of deep-rooted shifts in perspective and understanding—and attract others who resonate with your truth!


 If you've been waiting to step into your truth, it's time to stop waiting.


You may have been afraid of what might happen if you committed yourself fully to the magic of your own nature. 


But with Weightless you'll be able to see what's been holding you back and take action on it—with a sense of ease and clarity that will leave you feeling lighter than ever before.


When we finally submit to our truths, we can see everything in our lives with new eyes. 


We shed weighty emotional baggage and physical weight as we move through each day with renewed energy and confidence. 


We become more magnetic, attracting clients who want to work with us because they feel our power and know that we can help them achieve their goals. 


And because we're finally living our truth, we can serve others more powerfully: Our work becomes an expression of who we are at our most potent level.


True Transformation is scary for your human self—but it doesn't have to be! 


You can trust yourself. 


You are a vessel of truth, a powerful being exploding with talent, genius and potential. 


You've been hiding out in the shadows, afraid to shine—but your time has come. 


I am here to help you let go of all the weight that's holding you back: both the physical and the emotional. 


I will help you see yourself in a whole new light so that you can move forward into an amazing future where all of your dreams are realized and nothing is impossible.



Chiara Quebral
Chiara Quebral

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