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December 10, 2022 2 min read

Most people that visit me in clinic for 1:1 sessions and custom programs, come to me at their rock bottom and crisis mode.

They have tried everything. Seen all the practitioners, all the doctors, all the specialists and claim nothing has worked.

They are a little nervous to see me because they don’t know what to expect in clinic and they know I’m a tad “out there” in my approach.

In reality, it’s not that I’m out there, it’s that I am confident that one cannot heal properly if, disconnected from ones source of truth, power and love (spirit).

In the sense that I do not hide the fact that I channel the power of god in session. The power of love.

For some clients, it’s their very first time they experience the power of spiritual energy and it completely awakens them to a whole new reality and paradigm of viewing themselves and life.

This can create an awakening and or an identity crisis, either way, it’s actually the most blissful and loving experience regardless. The love is felt and the heart opens to truth.

Some, have instant healing and don’t come back to see me until another life transition happens as they require support in the changes and uplevels.

All transitions come with challenges as it requires a personal revolution.

A letting go of the old and an upgrading of the new.

Essentially, This journey of growth and development is journey that is a rite of passage and unfortunately we have not been educated to have rite of passage in this modern world.

For others, due to their chronic condition and disconnection from love and source, they require seeing me for a period of time for the deconditioning process to happen gently, sustainably naturally and organically.

In light of this, to those who are reading this as an activation (my posts are infused with healing energy),

I invite you….to sign up for a package with a series of sessions, if you actually want to heal profoundly and reconnect to your soul, path and divine truth.

With a structured path/sessions, you will grow and transform deeper than simply leaving it for a session that will save you from the suffering.

I have specials and promos on atm. Reach out🗝️ I’m here 🔥

Chiara Quebral
Chiara Quebral

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