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December 10, 2022 2 min read


Divine Downloads.

Say yes for this energy healing & upleveling for the practitioner, soulpreneur, those who turn their passion into purpose, dreamer, visionary, lover and healer.

Allow this meditation, to awaken you to true reality.

Empty yourself out from emotional and mental content to witness through the eyes of truth.

True reality is bliss. Bliss that isn’t an emotional body bliss, but rather a relief that everything is happening beyond your control, so let go of control and be here, not knowing and knowing.

The chaos of the world only exists in the realm of the manifest, the duality that keeps the world in motion.

Unifying the opposites and moving into non duality requires a paradigm shift.

Releasing the stories and habits will help you live spontaneously and therefore one with Wu Wei, the Dao (the ultimate, unfolding, perfection).

In the unknown, you are expressing your divine nature which will allows be in alignment with the divine will.

You can trust this space.

Surrender beloved.

The ego must surrender to the higher truth of unity consciousness. Death is eternity.

Wuji, No Limits, and The Uncarved Block
In verse 28 of the Daodejing, Laozi references Wuji, which here is translated (by Jonathan Star) as “No Limits.”

Hold your male side with your female side
Hold your bright side with your dull side
Hold your high side with your low side
Then you will be able to hold the whole world

When the opposing forces unite within
there comes a power abundant in its giving
and unerring in its effect

Flowing through everything
It returns one to the First Breath

Guiding everything
It returns one to No Limits

Embracing everything
It returns one to the Uncarved Block

When the block is divided
it becomes something useful
and leaders can rule with just a few pieces

But the Sage holds the Block complete
Holding all things within himself
he preserves the Great Unity
which cannot be ruled or divided.

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Chiara Quebral
Chiara Quebral

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