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December 06, 2022 2 min read

Link to article or in bio: https://www.refinery29.com/en-au/kinesiologist-confront-past-trauma

Here’s the invitation into this sacred space:

Are you ready to awaken your sacred, innermost self?

This passage from being me to being I is a rich adventure that involves the dissolution of the thinking mind into a higher Intelligence, and the transformation of old contractions into radiance and joy. The shadows of the personality are transformed into new opportunities to give birth to the true You.

This alchemical transfiguration of the old identity is not done by you, but by Consciousness itself. Once purified from the illusion of separation, Consciousness emanates, out of its own Being, the possibility to be You–totally human and perfectly divine.

Together, we'll uncover myths about who we thought we were supposed to be, and learn to live in the highest and purest beauty of the beloved in all of life.

To nourish our souls and heal each other, we'll use the healing energy of the feminine along with a variety of creative self-expression techniques. We'll cultivate a contemplative life by exploring how best to "see" love in everything, while also cultivating reverence and stillness. The goal is not just to see through the eyes of love, but to gaze through them—and it's easier than you think!

You'll infuse your soul and breathe life force into everything you touch, and turn all that is touched into gold. You will develop your divine touch, disrupting balance of power so that you may live in the highest and purest beauty of the beloved in all of life—to create the nectar of truth, nourishing and feeding your soul with the healing elixir that is the feminine.

You will learn what it means to have sacred sight: reverence and stillness in gazing through eyes of love; seeing love in everything.

Although it is always the true Self that is living the form, the illusion of the me filters out its expression, because the life force is watered down by it. Embodying the awakening means also therefore being able to express ourselves in all our natural talents and orientations. The body/mind finds a very natural pleasure in radiating effortlessly the joy of living.


Chiara Quebral
Chiara Quebral

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