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December 06, 2022 2 min read

Swipe across for the sacred downloads that support the rebalancing of energies relating to this sacred acupressure point: CV17: Sea of Tranquility. By holding this point, whilst reading these downloads, you are able to absorb the healing frequencies encoded in this transmission from source energy. Balancing the Central Meridian helps us with clarity, direction, essence and sexual function. This point, can clear shame and overwhelm and rebalance courage, focus and centred emotions.

Here is the invitation to this sacred space and our Soul Centred Portal where we are releasing our exclusive content and activations.

Welcome to…..

The woman who is not ‘nice’.

The woman who is not compliant.

The woman who is not a people-pleaser.

The woman who does not seek approval from every ego that crosses her path.

The woman who does not adhere to the embedded morality and restrictions related too ‘what good girls do’.

She is not a 'good girl’.

She is not a 'bad girl’ either. She refuses to be put into boxes because she has chosen to release and liberate her Spirit.

The woman in love with the darkness and the shadows of their souls as much as they are in love with light.

The woman who knows that by loving herself, she will be better equipped to love another.

The woman that knows that by loving her body, mind, and Spirit, she will be better equipped to love you too.

These women have chosen to walk a path of healing and expansion into the Infinite, the Eternal Beloved. They are walking a path of Divine Femininity.

They are not afraid of being seen any longer.

They are not afraid of being fully expressed any longer.

They have decided to put down the masks that hide their true natures and impress others with who they think they should be or what others think they should be.

These women have been through hell and back. They have survived trauma, loss, abandonment, heartbreak, betrayal, abuse, shame and guilt to get here.

Are you a powerhouse?

Do you have an appetite for life, love, sex, food, men, women, the earth, and the Light? Do you want power? Do you want personal and spiritual expansion?

If so, then we are looking for YOU.

Chiara Quebral
Chiara Quebral

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