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Celebrate the beauty of life’s grand design

June 07, 2023 2 min read

In a quiet space, find solace and rest,

Where healing energies flow, their very best.

Breathe deep, center your being, embrace the calm,

For a poetic journey, let us embark, with open palm.

Rooted in Earth, feel the grounding embrace,

A sacred connection, with gentle grace.

Golden light, from heaven's gate it streams,

Infusing your essence, fulfilling your dreams.

Soul essence, a brilliance of golden hue,

Expanding, radiating, within and through.

Every cell awakens, with divine light,

A symphony of luminescence, shining bright.

Gifts and talents, like vibrant colours they bloom,

Activate them now, banish any sense of gloom.

Embrace their full expression, let them soar,

A tapestry of brilliance, forevermore.

Alignment divine, a cosmic dance unfolds,

From crown to Earth, connection it holds.

Merge the heavens above, with Earth's embrace,

Within you, find harmony, boundless grace.

Cells, tiny orbs, now aglow and alive,

With every breath, they vividly thrive.

Illuminated vessels, a cellular symphony,

A luminous body, a work of divinity.

Aura expands, an ethereal sight,

Radiating brilliance, casting darkness to flight.

Beyond the physical form, it does soar,

A beacon of light, forevermore.

Integrate this magic, let gratitude rise,

For the divine presence, ever wise.

Grounded once more, in the here and now,

With wiggling fingers and toes, take a bow.

Carry this luminosity, a poet's gift,

In every step, let its radiance lift.

You are a vessel, a living glow,

Shine your light, let your soul's essence flow.

Let your heart be a prism, refracting pure love,

As you journey through life, guided from above.

Embrace the whispers of the universe's rhyme,

For you are a poet, creating your own sublime.

With each word you speak, with each verse you write,

Illuminate the world with your soul's inner light.

Let your poetry be a balm for weary souls,

A tapestry of emotions, weaving stories untold.

In the tapestry, threads of compassion and grace,

Interwoven with courage, in every embrace.

Speak of unity, in a world longing for peace,

Where divisions dissolve, and love finds release.

Celebrate the beauty of nature's grand design,

The melody of birds, the whisper of the pines.

Find solace in moonlit nights and gentle breeze,

In mountains majestic and the vastness of seas.

Through your verses, inspire hearts to dream,

To embrace their purpose, to let their light beam.

Awaken dormant souls, ignite their divine spark,

Unleashing their potential, even in the dark.

So let your pen dance, with rhythm and flow,

As your words paint colours, a radiant glow.

Express the depths of your being, raw and true,

For your poetry has the power to heal and renew.

In each stanza, may truth and wisdom reside,

As your soul's essence pours forth, a gentle tide.

Embrace this poet's journey, with open arms,

For you are a vessel of love's endless charms.

So, dear poet, let your words take flight,

Illuminate the world, like stars in the night.

Continue the poem, weave your tale with grace,

For your poetry, dear soul, leaves a lasting trace.

Elizaveta Admin
Elizaveta Admin

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