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Sat Chit Ananda Activation (Eternal Truth + Consciousness + Bliss Presence)

June 07, 2023 3 min read

In the realm of divine essence,
Where sat chit ananda dances,
Awakened is the soul's perception,
A sacred journey of self-connection.

God, the presence both vast and near,
Revealed through awareness crystal clear,
In every breath, in every sight,
The boundless and formless brings forth light.

Sat, the eternal truth, divine,
Unveiling wisdom's sacred shrine,
Through seeking eyes, its radiance gleams,
Guiding us beyond limited dreams.

Chit, the consciousness that blooms,
Expanding beyond earthly rooms,
Within the depths of our being's core,
It whispers truths we can explore.

Ananda, pure bliss, profound delight,
An ember that ignites the night,
Unveiling joy that forever flows,
When connected to the divine's repose.

Through stillness, meditation's art,
We merge with God, heart to heart,
Transcending time, space, and strife,
Embracing the eternal dance of life.

Boundaries fade as love prevails,
In unity, the ego pales,
The presence of God, so ever near,
Dissolves illusions, removes all fear.

For God resides in every breath,
In the symphony of life's sweet depth,
Awakening souls to divinity's grace,
A love that time and form erase.

So let us seek the truth within,
With open hearts, let the journey begin,
Through sat chit ananda's divine decree,
We merge with God, and truly see.
In this sacred union, we find solace,
As the veils of separation are erased.
The ego's grip begins to unwind,
Revealing the oneness that we find.

God's presence flows through every pore,
In nature's embrace, in ocean's roar,
In the laughter of children, so pure and free,
In the whispers of wind, in every tree.

No longer confined by the limits of form,
We soar through the realms, through a spiritual storm.
For the boundless being knows no bounds,
In its vastness, eternal wisdom resounds.

With open hearts and minds aligned,
We witness the miracles, intertwined,
In every moment, divinity's caress,
A gentle reminder of our true blessedness
In the dance of creation, we play our part,
Connected to the Source, the beating heart.
Through sat chit ananda, we come alive,
Awakening to the truth that will always survive.

So let us honour this sacred bond,
In the depths of silence, let it respond,
Invoking the presence that forever shines,
Embracing the divine with sacred rhymes.

For God is not confined to distant skies,
But dwells within, where the soul's light lies.
In the union of sat chit ananda, we see,
That God's presence is within you and me.

In the sacred stillness of our soul's embrace,
We transcend the illusions of time and space,
The ego's grasp loosens, the veils are undone,
As we bask in the radiance of the One.

Sat, the eternal truth, our guiding light,
Reveals the essence shining pure and bright,
In every atom, in each blade of grass,
The divine presence whispers, "All shall pass."

Chit, the boundless consciousness, infinite and vast,
Unveils the unity of all that is amassed,
Through awakened perception, we truly perceive,
That separation is but a veil we can cleave.

Ananda, the bliss that resides deep within,
Flows through our being, releasing all sin,
In the ocean of love, we're forever immersed,
As the divine symphony within us is rehearsed.

With hearts wide open and spirits ablaze,
We dance with the divine in this cosmic maze,
Through the formless and boundless, we find our way,
As the illusions of duality begin to sway.

In the presence of God, we are whole and complete,
A divine spark, eternal and sweet,
For the essence of God is found deep inside,
In every breath, in every stride.

So let us awaken to the truth that we seek,
Through sat chit ananda, our essence will speak,
In the stillness of our souls, we'll truly understand,
The divinity that flows through every grain of sand.

May we honour this journey, this sacred quest,
As we embody the presence that's ever blessed,
For the perception of God is within our grasp,
In sat chit ananda, we find peace at last.
Elizaveta Admin
Elizaveta Admin

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