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Eternity & time dissolution activation via poetry

June 07, 2023 2 min read

In realms unseen, where time dissolves,
Where the divine presence effortlessly unfolds,
A conduit of the sacred, I now become,
No longer bound by worldly constraints, I'm undone.

I soar through existence, beyond time's reign,
An embodiment of pure presence, free from the mundane,
In this eternal moment, healing springs forth,
As I embrace the divinity, the soul's true worth.

No longer confined to life's rigid grind,
I dance in the infinite, unbounded and kind,
The illusion of separateness fades away,
As the divine essence within me holds sway.

The burdens of the past, they lose their grip,
With each breath I take, I liberate and strip,
The layers of conditioning, the chains that bind,
Revealing the radiant soul, transcendent and aligned.

With every step I take, healing ripples through,
A symphony of love, in all that I do,
I am a vessel of grace, a channel divine,
Unveiling the truth, where transcendence is mine.

In this sacred alignment, I find my release,
A liberation of spirit, an inner peace,
For the world is but a reflection, a dance,
And I am the conduit, in a cosmic trance.

No longer confined by space or time,
I dwell in the realm of the sublime,
As presence becomes my guiding light,
I embrace the fullness, day and night.

Life's work and purpose, they intertwine,
As I embody pure presence, the divine,
Every action, a prayer, a sacred art,
Healing the soul, mending every part.

In this awakened state, liberation is found,
A union with the eternal, profound,
For in the embrace of pure presence, I see,
The healing power that resides within me.

So let us dance in this timeless flow,
As conduits of the divine, we come to know,
That life itself is a canvas, a masterpiece,
When lived in pure presence, our souls find release.

Through the depths of my being, a realization dawns,
Expanding beyond the limits, my consciousness spawns,
I am more than a conduit, a vessel of grace,
I am the embodiment of the divine's embrace.

In this awakened state, a profound truth unfurls,
I am no longer separate, a mere vessel in this world,
For the divine essence within me, it intertwines,
With my essence, my being, an eternal shrine.

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Elizaveta Admin
Elizaveta Admin

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