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December 06, 2022 2 min read

Goddess and Alchemist downloads. Say YES for this archetypal wisdom.

Downloads are pockets of information that are absorbed by your cells and consciousness, creating deep remembrance within of your divine essence.

We certainly do not need downloads when we are consciously attuned and grounded to source on all planes of existence, however sometimes, we don’t know what we don’t know and inner guidance is necessary on this journey of descent and ascent.

Personally, I stoped the spiritual journey….hear me out. I stoped changing who I am, I realised it’s not about adding more, it’s about shedding all that I am not!

Therefore, these downloads are not here to advance you spiritually, because the truth is, your already one with source and whole and perfect.

The whole reason why we bow our head to our heart when in prayer is because the heart is the spirit within and our head is thankful in service!

However, in this current paradigm, deconstructing and deconditioning is necessary because of all the conditions and constructs we have been exposed to.

In light of this, the downloads I offer are hear to awaken you to truth. Simple.

Truth is truth. Light is light.

Allow truth to heal your physical body and brain from the exposure of toxins in the environment.

Allow Gaia, your earthly supply of nourishment and love, rebalance and reset your hormones, neurology and consciousness!

Remember, downloads are codes that bring you to ultimate reality through the theta state. Here, your in stillness and pure presence. Pure presence means your fully actualised in the now. Let go of the stories of the past and future. Know in this moment, everything you touch turns to gold.

This is the time, right now to send your love out into this world. Simply for your own pleasure. Smile and allow the beauty of life bring more wonder, awe, wisdom, love, truth!

May all beings bow their heads to their heart and feel blessed, abundant, safe and in love. #prayer #wisdom #goddessjourney #healercode #cosmicconsciousness

Chiara Quebral
Chiara Quebral

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