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December 10, 2022 2 min read

There comes a time in your career and soul work when you are dared by your highest self to cross the threshold and move your sight and body into the depths of the darkness.

Not the shadow darkness.

The lightest light: weightless, source of all that is, the abyss, the void, the great unknown.

Here you will be blind to your direction and path.

Here you will learn how to reorient yourself blindly. A recalibration period takes place. A coring of self, a purification and complete shedding.

Your extra sensory abilities will be called to guide you.

This is where you deepen your self trust from within.

On this journey, there are many twists and turns.

You will meet the spirits and guides that live inside of you.

You will deepen your connection and intimacy with your inner truth system.

Here you will discover the beast.

You will realise you have a beast of genius living inside of you.

In the darkness your beast is the only one that has the eyes to see through the dark.

You have no choice but to give all power of illumination to the one that has the eyes to navigate the unknown.

You realise this beast has no motive, no purpose, no desire, no intention

This beast is simply the raw, unspoken, unfiltered inner creative

Pure potentiality and unlimitedness is its frequency at its finest. Weightlessness

This beast simply creates for creations sake.

This beast alchemises all the raw materials it sees into a work of art in form

Art for arts sake.

It’s pure because it’s essence is love.

It is love that creates for creations sake.

It holds no intention because it is simply the essence of this beast.

Creation is its essence.

And this beast is creating you into a masterpiece.

This beast is naturally creating a blossoming within you.

It’s your evolution.

To submit to the beast.

Only if you want those extra senses.

Only if you want to be the leader.

Only if you want to be the lover.

Only if you want to be the art and artist.

Only if you claim your seat at the table.

Only if you claim your highest potential.

Only if you want to bloom at your highest.

Your human mind cannot and will not bloom like your genius beast will.

Chiara Quebral
Chiara Quebral

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