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July 18, 2022 2 min read

I have always talked about the soul journey and health from a spiritual and holistic healing perspective. 


I’ve always been multifaceted in my offerings, trusting in the unlimited field of possibilities and knowing my offerings become available for the perfect client at the perfect time. 


Yes, weightless is the focus in my field right now and weightless is more then anything an embodiment and shift in consciousness and lifestyle activation. 


It’s about living a lifestyle of movement, prosperity, glowing aura, inspired soul food, creativity from the beauty of divine emptiness and thriving beyond the conditions and constructs of what it takes to “make it” .


It's about coming home to your natural life, a life of freedom, balance and unwavering trust in your self belief, individuation, integrity and personal/professional magic.  


It’s about emotional freedom and releasing identities and honouring a more truthful or pure spiritual human life. 


It’s about allowing your lifestyle to look and feel weightless, where you wake up in the morning and your business holds zero density or hustle, rushing, stress and timeline. 


You're inspired from the inside of your soul to craft and build a long term game of activating and life changing content for your people. 


And as they shift, you feel the legacy you're creating as a leader for leaders. 


Your business is so streamlined and works for your ideal dream life that it feels like the dawn of the new age where you get to do all the magical mundane things of cooking, cleaning, seeing friends, family, artistic pursuits, self-care rituals and rest and embodying your work all within the timeless now. 


You get to have your business systems in place that create the spaciousness for weightlessness of all kinds. 


And because your life frequency has dialed up to pure joy and the true ease and pleasure of balance, you easily speak about the benefits of your magic because you love and live it. 


You are your body of work, with plenty of boundless and expansive energy because you have endless time for yourself and your artistry yet with the precision of boundaries that allow you to focus on your art as your soulful creative expression that has its own pulse that magnetises those who hunger for this potency. 


You finish each day of your life and work in ecstasy no longer allowing external forces to pigeonhole your magic and determine the worth of your medicine. 


Your rooted in your magic and trust your power completely. 


You're so confident in your medicine that you get to create a realm that is scheduled and structured on your own terms. 


Your 100% in full body self acceptance and self love knowing you are living your iconic self and you love the fact that you crafted your business to live without the outdated frequencies of busy, templated inspo and hustle. 


You are the poet, lover, messenger, sage, seer and alchemist of your world and you absolutely love your truth channeling. 


Weightless program applications close on 1-08-22. To secure your spot: https://soulcentredkinesiology.com/pages/weightless

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Chiara Quebral
Chiara Quebral

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