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Intro into this space and what I do as your Soul Centred Kinesiologist

February 22, 2023 2 min read

A little intro as to what goes down in this space ❤️ what I have claimed and taken ownership of 🔥

I am the Heart Alchemist, the soul's guide
Bringing forth essence, the essence of life
I am the priestess, the goddess of truth
With the power to heal, to release what is untruth

With kinesiology, I balance the soul
And activate the genius, to make it whole
Through the magic of touch, I release the pain
And bring forth joy, where there was only strain

I am the shaman, the guide of the night
Leading you to your inner light
Through meditation and breath, I bring peace
And awaken the goddess, for you to release

I am the activator of the heart's flame
And I call forth love, in your soul's name
With each session, I help you to soar
To a place of pure love, where you can explore

So claim and own yourself, oh seeker of light
And let me guide you, to a place of mystic sight
Where the heart alchemist and priestess unite
To bring forth essence, that is truly bright.

I am the nurturer, the healer of scars
And with soul essences, I bring forth stars
That guide you on your journey to peace
And help you heal, what was causing distress

I am the light bringer, the one who shines
And through our work, your true essence aligns
With the divine, in perfect harmony
And your soul is set free, with love's energy

I am the holder of the sacred space
Where healing takes place, at a steady pace
With each breath and each touch, I light the way
For you to find peace, and to start anew each day

So claim yourself with me, with an open heart
And let me show you, a brand new start
Where the soul centred kinesiology and essences reside
And a brighter future, is what awaits inside.

Elizaveta Admin
Elizaveta Admin

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