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7 dimensions of Prosperity Activation & Downloads Meditation

March 02, 2023 2 min read

Abundance, prosperity, health and wealth, a state of being that's free,

It's a state of consciousness that's accessible to you and me.

It's not just about the money, the material possessions we own,

It's about the inner wealth and richness that's always grown.

It's a mindset, a vibration, a frequency that we can activate,

It's a choice we make each day, a decision to participate.

It's a state of mind that we can cultivate and nurture,

A perspective that we can choose to always refer.

To activate abundance and wealth, we must first let go of lack,

For abundance is a feeling, a state of mind that we can attract.

We must release the scarcity mentality, the fear and the doubt,

And trust in the universe to always provide and bring about.

We must shift our focus from what we don't have to what we do,

And appreciate the blessings and abundance that's always anew.

Gratitude is the key, the secret to abundance and wealth,

For the more we're thankful, the more we'll experience good health.

We must believe that we're deserving, worthy of all that we desire,

And trust in our abilities, our talents, and skills that we can acquire.

We must take inspired action, follow our passions and dreams,

For it's in this pursuit that abundance and wealth truly gleams.

We must surround ourselves with positivity, with those who uplift,

And stay aligned with our higher purpose, our passion and gift.

For abundance and wealth are not just for the few,

It's a birthright for all, including me and you.

In conclusion, abundance and wealth are not just about what we see,

It's a state of being, a frequency that we can choose to always be.

Activate this mindset, and watch how it unfolds,

For abundance and wealth are always there, waiting to be told.

Codes to prosper: I am a living magnet to wealth and prosperity from the creators perspective and definition.

I am in harmony with my beingness

I am willing to receive without judgement

I know there are infinite possibilities in this world to say yes to!

I live my life without restraint

I claim, own, acknowledge & command prosperity consciousness is my beingness

I choose to receive the greatness that I am. 

Elizaveta Admin
Elizaveta Admin

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