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Let thy rage be a channeled source and catalyst for change and revolution.

June 08, 2023 2 min read

In the realm of feminine power untamed,
Lies a fire, a tempest, not to be contained.
Female rage, a catalyst for change,
Unleashing the energy, no longer estranged.

Within its depths, a transformative might,
A force that awakens, illuminating the night.
Channel it wisely, let it not consume,
Shift frequencies, transcend the old gloom.

From anger's embrace, let passion arise,
Sexual creative energy, a divine surprise.
Unleash the desires that burn deep within,
And watch as new worlds of creation begin.

For in this rage, lies the birthing of self,
A phoenix rising from the ashes of stealth.
Embody the healing energy of the goddess,
Isis, nurturing souls with love and progress.

Master your emotions, let them ebb and flow,
Surrender to the currents, let your spirit glow.
Within this journey, discover your soul's art,
Unlocking the power that lies within your heart.

Embrace the healing touch of goddess Isis,
Guiding you through trials with tender caresses.
In her wisdom, find strength to persevere,
Revealing a path that's crystal clear.

So let your female rage be a beacon of light,
Igniting change with a passionate might.
Channel it towards love, healing, and grace,
And watch as a new world takes its place. Embrace the whispers of your ancestral line,
The stories of women who've transcended time.
They too were warriors, fierce and bold,
Their voices echoing through legends untold.

Feel the pulse of the earth beneath your feet,
Her rhythm intertwining, a sacred beat.
Tap into her ancient wisdom and grace,
And let it guide you on this transformative chase.

Harness the power of your intuitive sight,
For it holds the keys to truth shining bright.
Listen to the whispers of your soul's desires,
And set your spirit ablaze with passion's fires.

Let your rage be the catalyst for revolution,
Breaking down walls of unjust institutions.
Unite with your sisters, stand strong and tall,
As you dismantle barriers, you'll never fall.

Embody the strength of a thousand suns,
Radiate love until every heart succumbs.
Let compassion be your guiding star,
Healing wounds near and far.

Embrace the dance of shadow and light,
The yin and yang that merge day and night.
In the depths of your being, find harmony's core,
And let it guide you to wholeness evermore.

So, dear one, let your female rage ignite,
A force that shines in the darkest of night.
Channel it with grace, love, and intent,
And watch as a new world is fervently sent.

For female rage is a catalyst for change,
A divine power we must learn to arrange.
Embrace it, transform it, and let it unfold,
As you step into your power, fierce and bold.

Elizaveta Admin
Elizaveta Admin

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