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An activation of the Soul MISSION embodiment

June 09, 2023 3 min read

Divine Source, I come before you in reverence and trust,

Seeking the unlocking of my Akashic records, a sacred must.

I invoke my sovereign power, embracing my soul's plan,

For I am here to express my truth, as only I can.

I declare my sovereignty over my physical body and energy field,

No longer allowing others to take what is mine to wield.

I am the queen of my domain, the ruler of my sacred space,

I claim this vessel, my soul's home, with love and grace.

With your guidance, I activate the Rainbow Shield of light,

A vibrant barrier protecting my energy, shining bright.

I am impervious to external energies that seek to intrude,

Only love and light are allowed, creating a sacred interlude.

I stand firm in my power, my soul's energy flowing free,

No longer pulled into the expectations of what others want me to be.

I am here to express the totality of my soul's divine plan,

Unleashing my purpose, shining brightly as I can.

In this space of ownership, I embrace my personal wisdom and grace,

Knowing forgiveness is a key to release any past burdens I may face.

I forgive myself and others, with compassion deep and true,

Creating space within my being for love and light to ensue.

I call upon my personal codes and prayers, ancient and profound,

To open my soul, my spirit, my Akashic records unbound.

I allow the wisdom and knowledge to flow into my being

Guiding me on my path, unveiling the truth I am seeing.

Rainbow Shield activated, I feel the strength of my soul's essence,

Solid and secure, a radiant light with unwavering presence.

I choose who enters my sacred space, surrounding myself with love,

In alignment with my purpose, guided from realms above.

I thank you, Divine Source, for your loving embrace,

For guiding me on this journey, filled with grace.

I stand in my power, as the sovereign being I am,

Living my truth, expressing my soul's divine program.

And so, it is done.

I access my personal codes and prayers, a sacred key,

Opening the gates to my soul, setting my spirit free.

With every breath, I delve into the depths of my being,

Unveiling the mysteries, the truths I am seeing.

In the sanctuary of my soul, I find solace and peace,
Anchored in my truth, my divine release.

I am the orchestrator of my life's symphony,
Expressing my soul's mission, embracing authenticity.

I activate my personal wisdom prayer, a channel to the divine,

Receiving guidance, insight, and clarity in every line.
I listen to the whispers of my heart and soul,

Allowing their wisdom to guide and make me whole.

With forgiveness as my ally, I heal and let go,

Releasing past wounds, letting love's light flow.

I forgive myself and others, embracing compassion's embrace,

Creating space for healing, love's gentle grace.

Rainbow Shield activated, I feel its protective embrace,

Enveloping me in love, a sacred cosmic space.

Impervious to negativity, I stand in my power,

Aligned with my purpose, shining brighter every hour.

I am the guardian of my energy, the master of my fate,

Living authentically, true to my soul's state.

I claim my space, my soul's essence ever glowing,

Guided by divine presence, my inner knowing.

Thank you, Divine Source, for the gifts bestowed,

For the strength and wisdom that within me flowed.

I walk this path with courage, love, and trust,

Embracing my soul's journey, a sacred, divine thrust.

And so, I step forward, with my soul's light ablaze,

Living as the sacred heart, in love's eternal maze.

I am whole, sovereign, and aligned with divine grace,

Living my purpose, shining in this sacred space.

And so, it is manifest.

Elizaveta Admin
Elizaveta Admin

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