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June 14, 2022 2 min read

Say YES to this nervous system, muscular, safety, trauma and rest balance, feelings of grief, sorrow, fear, terror, tragedy, shame, disgust and guilt from childhood upbringing, unresolved feelings within the inner child aspect of us, feelings of regret and “ripped of”/ betrayed attitudes for being born into grief and trauma, having to be the parent to our parents, having no direction, missing out on bonding and closeness, resistance with vulnerability, rejecting our animal body, judging our animalistic tendencies, our monkey tendencies, feeling lonely, isolated, that we have to do it all on our own, powerlessness, hopelessness, despair, depression and unsupported feelings.

Clearing pain patterns now from prejudices, injustices, “it’s not fair”, “it’s my fault” and “I’m worthless”, “I feel like a victim”, “I don’t understand my emotions”, “I cannot accept death, myself, life”, “life is too harsh”.

Say YES for a soul retrieval and repair.

Nervous system repair, adrenal and glands repair, telomeres repair, jaw lock, jaw click/TMJ repair, PTSD repair, muscular repair, solar plexus and digestive system repair, microbiome Alkaline repair, digesting life and assimilating life repair, fear of change repair, vulnerability and heart shattered repair, lack of connection with the divine mother and divine fathers repair.

Body repair on all levels, knowing your worthy and deserving. That it’s safe and possible to have this healing.

Allowing yourself a brain/amygdaloid rebalance, with ease and grace.

Knowing how to hold space for self & others when witnessing suffering.

Knowing how to hold your light/love when feeling unsafe.

Knowing how to live without healing, fixing, saving, rescuing others from suffering.

Knowing how to live without feeling compelled to fix the other and self.

Allowing the Creator and your body to guide you to your healing.

Knowing and having discernment on the fine line of action/taking charge and surrender.

Say Yes for a baby in the womb balance. Being born into love, despite all the imbalances of the environment, knowing how to live without it being your duty to balance the environment and other peoples energetic field.

Chiara Quebral
Chiara Quebral

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