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December 18, 2022 1 min read

Non-duality does not make sense.

By slowing down, reclaibrating our nervous system and way of being to a new pace will open up the wisdom, realisation, resilience and depth to feel and experience the deeper nuances here. Discernment is natural in the spaciousness you may be currently experiencing.

This is essentially, accessible through a paradigm shift; a mindfulness & meditation as a way of being that is deeply rooted, grounded, silent and still—even beyond neutrality, is fullness, that is transcendent and beyond comprehension.

If we're going to create something new, we must first let go of everything that has come before us. We must leave behind all of our preconceptions, all of our assumptions, and all of our expectations.

Our consciousness is not limited by time or space; therefore, we are capable of accessing any part of existence at any given moment.

The plane of nothingness has been described by some as a place of eternal peace, but it's important to remember that this peace does not deny life or existence—it simply allows for things to be exactly as they are. It doesn't try to change anything or make things different from what they already are.

When we allow ourselves to surrender into this peaceful plane of nothingness and let go of trying to control everything around us, we can experience true peace within ourselves and around us.

The world is a playground of many different levels of reality. Each level has its own laws, which are not the same as those that govern other levels.

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Chiara Quebral
Chiara Quebral

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