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April 27, 2023 2 min read


Overcoming Fear of Intimacy

I release the fears that hold me back,
The traumas that kept me on the wrong track,
I let go of the past, I let go of the pain,
I open my heart and let love in again.

I release the guilt and the shame,
The limiting beliefs that keep me the same,
I forgive myself for my mistakes,
And allow my heart to take the risks it takes.

I trust in myself and my worth,
I embrace my uniqueness, my quirks,
I am worthy of love, affection, and care,
I deserve to have it, I declare.

I release the fear of abandonment,
The fear of rejection, and of not being enough,
I am whole and complete as I am,
I let go of the old and welcome the new.

I cultivate self-love and acceptance,
I practice vulnerability and self-forgiveness,
I challenge negative self-talk and limiting beliefs,
I embrace positive affirmations and new relief.

I nourish my body and soul,
With a balanced diet and self-care goals,
I engage in physical touch and affection,
To build intimacy and connection.

I let go of enmeshment and codependency,
I set healthy boundaries and honour my own space,
I trust in the universe to bring me love and positivity,
I embrace healthy and fulfilling relationships with grace.

I release the fear of intimacy,
I transmute the damage and the pain,
I am free to love and be loved,
I am ready to open my heart again.

In the depths of my being, I feel the fear
The fear of intimacy, so strong and so clear
It's rooted in my past, in the family I grew
Enmeshed and entangled, it left me feeling askew

But I know deep down, this fear isn't mine
It's a legacy of generations, passed down through time
So I release it now, I let it go
I transmute the energy, and let love flow

I release the limiting beliefs and feelings
That have kept me from experiencing deep and meaningful dealings
I release the guilt and shame that weigh me down
I embrace my worthiness, and release the frown

I trust myself to set healthy boundaries
And honor my needs, without any worries
I am capable of forming loving relationships
With myself and others, without any slips

I choose to forgive the past, and those who contributed to my pain
I trust that the universe will bring me loving people, who will remain
I let go of all that doesn't serve me, with ease
And I welcome love and intimacy, as I please

I am whole and complete, just as I am
And my relationships only enhance, my already abundant jam
I embrace my uniqueness, and trust that I am lovable
Regardless of societal norms, I am undeniably capable

I allow myself to be vulnerable and open
And I trust that the universe will provide, the love that has been spoken
I replace any negative self-talk, with positive affirmations
And I am grateful for all the experiences, that have led me to these revelations

I send love and healing energy, to all parts of myself
That have felt rejected or unworthy, on any shelf
For I am worthy, deserving and whole
And I welcome love and intimacy, with every single soul.

Elizaveta Admin
Elizaveta Admin

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