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February 19, 2022 2 min read

Kinesiology has been helpful for a lot of people lately as we traverse on our daily struggles. And Lisa, our very own Holistic Kinesiologist, was sought after as she speaks life to them - breaking every traumas, resolving every issues that needs digging from their past and giving us the energy that comes from within our souls. 
And here, we can see how many people has been moved by visiting a Kinesiologist, Lisa especifically.
Chantelle, on the blog, walked us through her session in a very detailed manner - how she was able to see things through her childhood traumas and use it to empower her and love herself more - to live a better and more purposeful life. We will never know what's wrong with us and our bodies until we reach someone who's professional, could tell us what's really happening and enlighten us from our chaos.
Giving you more background, Lisa is using different Acupressure and Meridian points to release stress from the body and will lead to healing, not just with the body, but with the heart, soul and mind as well.
Read full blog here: Masters of Health September 2020
As everyone knows, especially her clients, Lisa is very passionate in inviting this realm of sacred into her practices in clarifying our soul and mind. And this energetic transmission experience is a process that will connect us with the highest awareness to our souls to provide us the most power to our physical, mental and emotional being.
Say YES to receive these energies to our lives!
Elizaveta Admin
Elizaveta Admin

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