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November 19, 2022 2 min read

Say YES to this energetic balance on GLORY (Emotions Alchemy).

I know how to feel glorious, creators perspective.

I know how to live my daily life feeling the vibration of glory in my bones and muscles.

I know how to feel I am the glory of god/the creator/All That Is.

I am loved and feel valued, worthy and accepted as I am.

I know how to live without needing external approval to feel glory.

I know how to wake up every morning feeling like I’ve awaken to a glorious day.

I know how to honour the god within me by recognising my inheritant glory.

I know how to feel infinitely worthy from the creators perspective.

I know how to see, feel, know, breathe, hear and listen to the frequencies of all that is glorious in my daily life.

I know how to embody my truth, feel safe in that embodiment and know how to live without feeling pressures of external expectations.

I am glory.

I am splendour.

I am beautiful as I am.

I recognise the beauty of my animal self, my human self and spiritual self.

I know how to appreciate myself from the creators perspective.

I know how to live without self criticism, self rejection, self doubt and self blame.

I see glory in all people and things.

I see and feel god/All That Is, in all things.

I know how to feel balanced in all my chakras, and safe in expanding my third eye chakra.

I am balanced in self expression, communication with the outside world and inner world.

I feel and know how to feel one with all that is daily.

I am like the sun, radiating light and love every I go, inside and out, knowing how to preserve my life force easily.

I know how to appreciate my ancestors and acknowledge their journey to freedom and opportunity.

Clinic Update:

Amazing week of transformation! Clinic has been super powerful.

Link in bio to book a session with me, we have a new sacred journey on presale called ORACLE: unlock your inner oracle abilities for the Visionary, Goddess, Holistic Practitioner, Mentor, Coach, Lover and Leading Edge Creator.

Sending love to you all!!!
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Chiara Quebral
Chiara Quebral

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