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December 17, 2022 2 min read

Making friends with Uncertainty & Transforming it into Surrender Codes! Say yes for this energy & consciousness balance.

There is a part of us, that feels uncomfortable because this part cannot know what is yet to be known. This part is uncertain of what will be.

To help this part, make friends with him or her, see them as a being for a moment. A hologram representing the part and the metaphor, message and higher wisdom meets truth.

If this part knew what was going to happen, firstly would life be as interesting & astonishingly? Secondly would life be as wonderful, wondrous, full of wonderment which is an essential ingredient to being alive and evolving?

Uncertainty is our friend and the frequency that evolves this discomfort is full blown blind trust, blind faith, a total nonsensical plunge into trusting everything is leading us home. Everything is preparing us for the ultimate self, the iconic self, the confident self, the wise self, preparing us to have the skills, the nervous system regulation and wisdom to handle the destiny that is unfolding for us.

It’s not about being proactive, reactive, or judging what is not. It’s about resting in the known that the tree is taken care of by the rain, the flowers by the bees and you by the sheer aliveness of being source embodied.

Take your hands of the wheel and let auto drive take you where your heart is ready to meet in union with the beloved. Everything is love. Every trigger is love as a message. Everything is love from its source.

Sending sooooooooo much divine love and trust to you. You are whole. You are divine. You are the blessing! Know it x #downloads #thetahealing #codes #healercode #trust #love

Chiara Quebral
Chiara Quebral

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