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August 18, 2022 2 min read

The fuck it moment


The moment when you realise you want more.


The moment that activates a deeper ownership in what you truly desire.


The moment when you're ready to let something die in your world for something new to be birthed.


The moment when you raise your standard, raise your boundary and decide to love yourself deeper by honouring your needs, wants, desires and soul.


The moment you decide that you will not squeeze yourself into an outdated paradigm of how things have to be and who you must be to be approved of, appropriate and worthy.


The moment you realise wealth, prosperity and abundance is yours to claim and create because your a mother fucking genius and you are worthy to share it with your loved ones generously, to travel exotically, to live fully and spontaneously and to live purely….the reason why you believe and trust in the all mighty supreme in the first place.


The moment you make radical changes to how you operate no matter how insane, who you believe you may disappoint and how trippy-paradigm shifting it may look on the outside.


The moment you take action with unbelievable power that you realise even rage and the Incredible Hulk within is potent in making your dreams come alive! Roaaaaaarrrreee.


The moment you get real candid with the inner universe that you are and make a promise to yourself that you will not stop until what you vision about your health, your body, your business gets to be and so it is- YOUR way, brilliant, unique and a masterpiece that blows all the ridged philosophies of life out of water and into the cosmic web of “I’m the magic baby”.


The moment you breathe deeply, submit to the unknown and recognise very clearly and deeply and precisely and presently that your divine genius is taking you to the journey that your soul is yearning for, it’s done, it’s here, it’s alive and it’s pulsing for your highest good.


The moment when you drop your ego, even let it die a little or a whole lot, release all judgement…. self and other, so that something bigger, grander, larger, more magnificent, the creative spark, the decision, the choice, the connection and intimacy to self….cracks you open in complete reverence to the sacred blessing that you are made for and made of.


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Chiara Quebral
Chiara Quebral

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