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The simplicity code meets the pleasure code meets the live code

June 23, 2023 1 min read

Can it really be that simple?

That all our creations come from love, joy and pleasure?

That when we are operating from right brain universal consciousness and beingness, the flow state delivers us our greatest masterpiece of creation?

Whether it’s redesigning your home, building a life with a lover, or writing a book or creating a brand or bringing a program to life?

What if we infused the simplicity code meets pleasure code meets love code meets being one with the right brain code all in one?

This is the essence of weightlessness.

What if we approach every goal and intention from this space?

What if we decide to truly live as fully embodied beings that feel every sensation, live intuitively aka organically and see every endeavour as our art.

We live, we create and co create from universal consciousness and in complete flow state.

We create our nutritional food for the day from here, we move our bodies from here, we do soul business from here and make love with life and loved ones from here.

Cheers to being alive ❤️


Elizaveta Admin
Elizaveta Admin

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