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True Wholeness is living from the art of letting go

June 22, 2023 1 min read

In the realm of existence, where wisdom does reside,

There lies a profound secret, a truth we can't hide.
It whispers through the ages, a gentle, guiding flow,
It speaks of liberation, of learning how to let go.

For in the art of releasing, of unburdening our soul,
We find the key to freedom, to becoming truly whole.
Let go of past regrets, those shadows that hold tight,
And embrace the present moment, bask in its radiant light.

Let go of expectations, the chains that bind us tight,
And open up our hearts to endless realms of delight.
For when we surrender control, a miracle takes place,
We dance with life's rhythms, we discover boundless grace.

Let go of fears and worries, those burdens we have carried,
And embrace the unknown, where new beginnings are married.
For in the surrender, we find strength and resilience,
As we navigate the currents with newfound brilliance.

Let go of false identities, the masks we wear each day,
And step into authenticity, where truth will lead the way.
Embrace the core within, the essence of your being,
And live each precious moment, awake and fully seeing.

For in the here and now, we find our sacred ground,
A place of deep connection, where love and truth are found.
No longer lost or scattered, we come home to the self,
And in this precious moment, we find our greatest wealth.

So let go, dear soul, release what no longer serves,
Embrace the gift of presence, where eternity observes.
For in this sacred journey, we uncover life's caress,
And realise that letting go is the path to true wholeness.




Elizaveta Admin
Elizaveta Admin

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