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June 14, 2022 2 min read

Emotional healing and equanimity downloads! Say YES for this channeled energy balance:

I know how to feel that there is more to life than suffering.

I know how to awaken to my truth and internal bliss.

I know it's safe and possible and I know I'm worthy and deserving of feeling, believing in and experiencing the vibration of equanimity.

I know how to embody the universal definition and perspective of equanimity.

I know how to live without the trauma of an accusatory, condemning and dysfunctional family upbringing.

I know how to live without the patterning of self blame, self condemnation, self hate, self rejection and Self abandonment that I learned in childhood.

I know how to let go.

I know the creator's perspective and definition of what it means to let go.

I know how to live without judging my triggers as good or bad.

I know how to live without believing I am bad and deserve “negative karma”.

I know how to let go and live without chronic guilt, shame and abandonment feelings.

I know how to connect to my internal moral code from the universal perspective.

I understand my true nature that is inherently good.

I know how to live without taking on the blame and responsibility for my parents happiness.

I know how to clear the trauma of when I was born.

I know how to live without believing that it's my fault that my family is unhappy.

I know how to live without unresolved emotional trauma and it's safe for me to dig deep in my divine timing.

Its safe for me to feel what has been repressed and feel free from emotional stress.

I know how to heal in alignment to my safety and I know how to feel present in the now.

I know how to feel deserving, living my day to day life in equanimity.

I understand, emotional balance.

I give myself permission to master the pause between stimulus and response.

I know how to respond rather than react.

I understand the creators perspective on response.

I understand how to live without excess emotional reaction.

I know how to preserve and use my energy, my vital life force/ precious energy for my soul.

Its safe and possible for me to connect to my soul and God consciousness within.

Chiara Quebral
Chiara Quebral

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