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June 14, 2022 2 min read

As you hold these points for 2-5 minutes each, with thumb or index and middle finger together, allow yourself to read the TCM and Kinesiology connection these points hold. Allow yourself to SAY YES to an energy balance, balancing the psychology of these points below, resolving the limitations/low energies and installing the frequencies that support your consciousness journey. Breathe and enjoy. Should you have any questions! I am here.

Pericardium 6 Inner Pass:

For: the chest, qi, heart, calms the mind/spirit, stomach, nausea and vomiting & heat.

Psychological: Fear, fright, sadness, apprehension

I know how to feel connection with my own heart.

I know how to live without blaming others,

I am responsible,

I know how to live without the pattern of "overly attached to my possessions",

I know how to live without the pattern "I may lose everything".

I know how to take responsibility for everything working out all right for me.

I know how to begin and I do trust others with discernment.

I know how to live without jealousy.

Key point for Memory, insomnia, key point for heart rate & rhythm, nausea & digestion.

Heart 7 Spirit Gate:

For: calms the mind and the heart

Psychological: anxiety, fear, frightened, apprehensive, sadness, ceaseless laughter, joy, disoriented, restless, dementia, mania & insulting

I know how to love myself and connect to others.

I know how to live without "I am afraid that putting myself first will hurt others".

I know how to live without the pattern "I am not good enough to be loved".

Key point for calming spirit, important point for heart, memory, hyperactivity, insomnia, disturbed sleep & depression.

Lung 9 Supreme Abyss:

For: most important point for tonifying the lung.

Psychological: Manic raving, agitation

I know how to feel that "I have everything I need to learn",

I know how to feel "I learn all that I want"

I know how to live without the pattern "I have nothing to learn from others".

I know how to live without "I worry that others might see what I don’t know".

I know how to live without "I am too worried to take it all in".

Say Yes to clear and rebalance in a loving way. #acupressure

Chiara Quebral
Chiara Quebral

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