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May 19, 2022 3 min read

To thrive in the world today, our most important job is to know ourselves, & be able to navigate the changes & challenges with clarity, wisdom, & love. In my work as a coach, I have witnessed some of the most incredible transformations arise from the often overlooked inner landscape of our deeper selves.


There is so much power inside of us that we haven’t tapped into yet.


A key to accessing this power is self trust. When we are not trusting ourselves, we can feel lost, anxious, or unsure about what to do next. Our bodies can also become tense & tight when we aren’t connected to self trust.


Learning how to trust ourselves begins with expanding our awareness so that we can hear the subtle messages our bodies are communicating with us. As we become more aware of these messages, they get easier & easier to understand. Like learning a new language, it takes time & practice before it becomes fluent. Once fluent though, you will be amazed at what you have been missing!


I am a human who desires to share the teachings that I have received and continue to receive, as a way of expanding my own heart and as a way of contributing to the liberation of the world.


I believe that when we learn how to embody our power and heart fully, we can make an impact on our community and our environment in a positive way. We can be a source of inspiration for others in our families and communities. And we can help people see possibilities for themselves that they didn’t know existed before.


I see humanity as being on the brink of something extraordinary. We are finally beginning to wake up from thousands of years of indoctrination into patriarchal systems where we are fractured from ourselves and each other. The trauma from these systems is being healed by each individual as they learn more about their own sacredness, heal old wounds and become more integrated within themselves. They also


I believe that the ultimate goal of all humans is to realise their potential, & access their birthright of love, power, & joy. I believe this can be achieved by engaging in deep inner work to come into alignment with the truth of who we are. I believe it is our birthright to discover how to Express ourselves in a way that is most natural & authentic for us as individuals.


I believe we were born for connection, & that when we have a direct experience of the divine within us, we will have no choice but to honour the divinity in others.


I believe that the only way to create lasting happiness is to connect with our inherent nature, & embody our own unique expression through connection with our deepest selves. I believe that to create lasting change on a collective level, we must commit ourselves to releasing any outdated behaviours that keep us from experiencing true intimacy with ourselves & others.


I am devoted to creating a world where every human has access to their true power, potency, & joy through the healing power of unconditional love & compassion. It is my greatest desire for every human being to experience deep connection with themselves so they may fully embrace who they are on every level.


Work with me 1-2-1 through the direct link to packages: https://app.acuityscheduling.com/catalog.php?owner=16598416

Dark Goddess Program:
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Chiara Quebral
Chiara Quebral

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