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January 11, 2023 2 min read

We are uploading complementary bonuses in the Infinite Love Membership which is currently free. In Jan we will have 4 additional balances uploaded and live to give you a taste of what this membership will include. In Feb, this membership is priced at $22 per month for 4 balances per month that are new in frequency, as we meditate and connect to our hearts and balance/expand/craft our energy with the potency and wisdom of infinite love.

Dm me for the link or hop on to our bio to sign up to our free Soul Codes Program where we can share the private link to this membership that is purely channeled for who it is meant for.

Here is the invitation:

Oh sweet, sweet surrender,

To the art of not making things matter,

To the philosophy of weightless and dark consciousness,

To the limitlessness of new consciousness,

To the unfuckwithable state of being.

As we journey through the path of life,

We may be weighed down by the burdens of the world,

By the expectations and demands placed upon us,

By the stories and beliefs that hold us back.

But in the stillness and surrender,

In the letting go and releasing,

We can find true freedom and liberation,

From the chains of the ego and the mind.

We can tap into the wisdom of the body,

The intelligence and guidance of the soul,

And trust in the flow and the unfolding,

Of the journey that is uniquely ours.

We can embrace the present moment,

With love and grace and gratitude,

And allow ourselves to be guided by synchronicity,

To our highest selves and the infinite love that is our true essence.

We can surrender to the chaos,

And learn to hold the tension and the unknown,

Without letting emotion destabilize us,

But instead, using it as a catalyst for growth and transformation.

We can learn to dance with the shadows,

And love and embrace the darkness,

As we awaken to the magic and healing,

That is uniquely ours to offer.

So let us surrender, dear friends,

To the art of not making things matter,

And step into the weightless and unfuckwithable,

As we embody the infinite love and light,
That is our birthright and our true nature.

Chiara Quebral
Chiara Quebral

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