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October 29, 2022 2 min read


Lover: Love, heart healing, unity, whole, the self.

The Lover archetype embodies the ultimate balance in giving and receiving love, playfulness, fun and sensual pleasure.

Themes & attributes: Love, passion, beauty, feel good in your skin and laughter.

I know how to live without the need for validation
I know how to channel my creative energy into gifts
I know how to play more
I know how to express the divine feminine within
I know how to activate my inner lover and loving nature.

The Lover archetype in women, is about erotically charged magnetising energy. The Lover as the woman archetype has sacred erotic energy and her presence is rooted in the now.

The Lover lives in the moment and reveres life, earth and radiates love out into the physical environment and All That Is.

The Lover is the ultimate master in intimacy and enjoys being in a relationship with others, bouncing of the high energy of unity and appreciation that fulfilling relationships bring.

Everyone knows that soul who embodies the Lover and these Lovers rock our world by helping us open our heart and soul to love and All That Is.

Downloads: Say yes to receive this download from the 7th plane of existence, pure source, love and life energy.

Would you like to feel the inherent love of all that is?
Would you like to know you are completely loved by All That Is?
Would you like to be your own lover?
Would you like to know how to dance to the beat of your inner love?
Would you like to surrender your ego mind to the inner love that has the keys to true integrity and living life with an open heart?
Would you like to open your heart to your own soul song?
Would you like discernment on the question and answer who am I, without thinking it, pure being and the balance between the two.

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Chiara Quebral
Chiara Quebral

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