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Wholeness: Truth Body Oil

February 22, 2023 2 min read

Prepare your body for any activity with a body oil that blends pure essential oils with deeply hydrating, healing and nourishing cold pressed oils. With over 22 botanicals, Truth is the ultimate energy healing elixir to nourish your muscles and activate your sacred embodiment practices.

The natural aromas and textures of our Truth Body Oil can be used for daily self-massage, partner massage or weekly at-home spa days.

The refreshing scents and anointing properties of Truth's body oils are the perfect antidote to stress, creating the conditions for a calm mind, balanced emotions and renewed energy.

Our story starts with a strong affection and admiration for the natural world and its inherent knowledge.

At Soul Centred Essences, we dare boldly and strive to utilise the benefits of plants, herbs, flowers, and botanicals to achieve balance and serenity in the mind, body, spirit, and soul.

We believe in the healing potential of embracing one's true self and the impact a holistic lifestyle and consciousness have on overall well-being and happiness.

Each of our botanical remedies is carefully crafted with the intention of helping you create a "heaven on earth" through self-love. We have faith in everyone's capability to access their inner wisdom and unleash their full potential. Our products are meant to aid in the personal journey of healing, self-discovery, transformation, and growth.

We offer a variety of natural remedies that promote well-being and balance. From the invigorating fragrances of our Infinite Love Botanical Perfume Oils to the nourishing properties of our Wholeness Botanical Body Oils, and the transformative Sacred Archetypes Botanical Mists, our products are designed to rejuvenate the energy in your surroundings, physical state, and emotions.

The ultimate healing and transformative force is love and our products celebrate this power. We hope they inspire you to embrace your unique qualities, individuality, radiance, and inner wisdom on your path to wholeness, growth, and happiness.

For more information about our products, get in touch and we can send you our product guide that gives you further detail about each elixir and it’s frequency

Elizaveta Admin
Elizaveta Admin

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