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From contraction to expansion

June 17, 2023 1 min read

In the depths of pain, a transformation begins,
A contraction so profound, touching the soul within.
I found myself in a place of powerlessness,
A wound so deep, it felt like darkness and distress.
But within that darkness, a spark ignited,
A flame of resilience, my spirit was ignited.
Through struggle and agony, I emerged anew,
A phoenix rising, with a heart shining true.
For in that journey of pain and strife,
I discovered the power to change my life.
No longer bound by limitations of the past,
I embraced a new perspective that would forever last.
I realised the key lay within my own being,
As I radiated light, the world began seeing.
The love and compassion that flowed from my core,
Mirrored back to me, forevermore.
No longer do I encounter problems with others,
For I am pure light, a beacon to my brothers.
When I embody love and shine from deep within,
The world around me transforms, it begins.
And in my relationship, a profound shift occurred,
As I embraced the light, our connection was stirred.
Behaving from a place of love and grace,
My partner responded, heart embraced.
This is the power that lies within us all,
To change the world, we need only heed the call.
Embrace the light, let compassion guide,
And watch as transformation unfolds far and wide.
So let us remember this wisdom profound,
That change begins with the light we've found.
Embody love, let it be our guiding force,
And watch as our world transforms its course.
Elizaveta Admin
Elizaveta Admin

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