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How to feel grace with weightlessness

June 17, 2023 2 min read

In the realm of God consciousness, we find,
A truth that transcends the boundaries of mind.

It's a state of being, pure and divine,
Where non-attachment and detachment intertwine.

Non-attachment, a graceful dance,
Allows us to find freedom in every circumstance.

It's the art of letting go, without holding tight,
Releasing the ego's grip, embracing the light.

Detachment, a subtle art to perceive,
Is the act of observing without the need to achieve.

It's a step beyond non-attachment's embrace,
A surrender to stillness, a sacred space.

Non-attachment allows us to flow,
With the current of life, letting it show.

We release our desires, our attachments to form,
And find solace in the eternal, where peace is born.

Detachment takes us further, into the realm,
Of pure presence, where silence overwhelms.

It's a state of being, detached yet aware,
Witnessing life's illusions with utmost care.

In this weightless state, we disidentify,
With the ego's whispers, its illusions we defy.

We awaken to the truth, the divine within,
And dance in the stillness where new life begins.

For when we make things not matter, you see,
We become present to our own divinity.

In the stillness, the presence, we find our worth,
And immerse in the purity of our true birth.

We disentangle from the web of illusion,
And enter the realm of infinite fusion.

The ego's grip loosens, and the soul awakes,
As we bask in the light, that never forsakes.

We shed the layers of the false self's design,
And embrace the essence, the presence divine.

In weightless consciousness, we effortlessly reside,
In the truth of the One Self, where love abides.

No longer bound by the ego's disguise,
We soar to new heights, where freedom lies.

We merge with the oneness, the eternal flow,
And discover the power that lies in letting go.

So let us be still, in the depths of our being,
Embracing the truth, forever foreseeing.

In the purification of the One Self, we find,
A weightless consciousness, where God resides.

Elizaveta Admin
Elizaveta Admin

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