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November 02, 2022 2 min read

I see this a lot in clinical sessions. Clients believing they don’t know how to be whatever it is they truly desiring (the evolved version).

What if we remove all the noise? All the worry? All the emotional burdens? All thought form content/focus on the problem.

Would you like to be in this space of knowing there is nothing wrong? That everything is happening for your highest good and that you don’t need to know the steps, you are fully supported, resourceful and blessed and you do know “how”.

When you allow yourself to feel 100% safe and relaxed, that’s when you feel the truth. Truth is truth.

You will feel the truth when your not clogged up mentally and emotionally attached to something that isn’t in your actualised now.

This requires emptying out your thoughts, shred them, give yourself the space for truth.

A client the other day was vulnerable with me and part of my sessions I use my own vulnerabilities as a powerful metaphor and catalyst to awaken the light (love) from within.

The client believed she didn’t know how to be vulnerable and intimate with others and yet I corrected her and said yes you do coz your doing it with me.

This example happened twice that day with two clients actually.

What was the ingredient?

Here’s a code:

I am resourceful.

Re-Source to your true purpose and self.

I resource myself to my true purpose and self.

I am resourced.

I remember all my resources.

I am unlimited because I have every resource available as love

I am resourceful and I re-source to my true purpose and self.

By staying positive in the times of contraction and scarcity, fear, uncertainty and worry, you train your nervous system how to overcome the fear or unwillingness to letting go. Your nervous system learns its not dying, your nervous system is healing from fear, when you are your own healer during times of doubt and choose to give yourself the potency of your higher powers in the moment - COMPASSION & TRUTH. Zoom out and see it from a godly perspective. A saintly perspective. A loving kindness perspective. A truthful look at the positive love that underlies all polarity and density.

Chiara Quebral
Chiara Quebral

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