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February 13, 2022 2 min read

The Soul Centred Kinesiology Experience invites you to a master activation, a 90-minute live Shamanic healing with drumming on Zoom via our private Soul Centred Portal.

Location: We join in via Zoom.

Date: 19th of March at 12 pm AEST. Replays will be available to rewatch.

Price: $150 to reserve your seat in a private container.

This shamanic journey focuses on the nervous system, deactivating fight/flight sympathetic response and catalysing the Social Nervous System coded for love, play, nurture, care, bonding, joy, open-hearted connection and expressing all emotions.

Stress can immobilise the nervous system, creating difficulty in sexual arousal and safety in intimacy.

Trust and security is the key to love and intimacy, and with fear, only two responses are possible - mobilisation or shutdown.

This healing journey channels the frequency of oxytocin, which transforms these fear pathways into pleasure and lovemaking pathways.

In this deactivating process, the survival circuit relates to the fight emotions, including (anger and rage) and mobilisation (control, defence and withdrawal).

In this journey, you will experience a new model of energy work that radically catalyses your energetic and emotional transmutation.

This journey is holistic as we alchemise conditioning, perceptions of danger, self-sabotaging behaviour patterns, and survival consciousness.

You will learn a new way to relate to life from the rooted potency of safety, power and truth that stands tall from your backbone and gate of life.

Music, listening and sound engage the Social Nervous System, stimulating the middle ear muscles and encouraging the Social Nervous System activation.

This sound healing journey encourages vagal tone, which helps regulate pain, HPA axis and cytokine activity (including hormone regulation, creating new building blocks for oxytocin activation, trust and bonding).

Link to this Journey & Access to replay: https://soulcentredportal.mn.co/plans/191303?bundle_token=5501c792d9d929aaa0d5ff9d81b1ad0c&utm_source=manual
Elizaveta Admin
Elizaveta Admin

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