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October 15, 2022 1 min read

Together, we breathe and place one hand on our forehead and one hand on the back of our head.

We connect with our breath and inner self, our soul.

We commit to release the stress, fight, flight response or any shock, trauma, burden to the system.

We hold ourselves with tenderness and promise to use our hands to connect with the earth and physical earth as a way to release stressors and emotional energy.

We give ourselves permission to pause and create a safe and sacred space within and environmentally.

We may even pray and send love to all those in our corner.

We say thank you for this life and the body’s wisdom and self healing mechanisms.

We may even learn something deep within our truth as we pause and give healing energy to ourselves. We may make a promise, vow and oath or simply let go and melt into the present moment.

We refuse to fall for the patterns of the past, panic, irrational decisions, shallow breathing and spiraling into a downward state of paralysis.

From now on, we face resiliency head on and alchemise our fear of the unknown and future, our precious life.

We commit to the present moment fully knowing uncertainty offers us a code of trust. A deeper trust in the impermanence of life. A deeper trust that leads us home to child like wonder.

Back to the original state we go, beings that live moment by moment, one with the land and appreciating what is now. #emotionalstressrelease #emotionalrelease #healingshock #healing
Chiara Quebral
Chiara Quebral

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